Natural Almonds

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By S. Riedel on June 23, 2016
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Very good!

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Natural Almonds

Ingredients: Almonds. CONTAINS ALMONDS.
Natural Almonds Nutrition Facts Panel


Cocoa Roast Almonds

Attention all sweet snackers! We took near perfection and sweetened the deal. The smooth, delicate taste of Cocoa Roast Almonds will leave both your cravings and your conscience satisfied. The Nutologists at Emerald are working tirelessly to bring you the tastiest breakthroughs in the realm of nut experience.

Breakfast on the go!

We took your favorite nuts and added tasty treats.

Emerald Nuts is done talking about Emerald Nuts.

We used to write all the product descriptions on our site. But then we read some real customer reviews and we thought, hey, those are way, way better. They get it. So we ditched our stuff and went with theirs.