• Cashews

    We’re not entirely sure (but we are) that Emerald cashews, whether roasted and salted or topped off with tongue tickling flavor, is the antidote to your crunchy cashew craving.

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  • 100 Calorie Packs

    Fuel your on-the-go lifestyle with a 100 Calorie pack of your favorite nuts.


  • Trail Mix

    A delicious blend of fruit, nuts, and chunks of granola. Fuel your hike and get to the top with our great-tasting nut mixes – pure pleasure for your taste buds.


New! 100 Calorie Packs Cashews

Introducing the latest and greatest in flavor explosion in the Cashew family: Jalapeño? check. Sriracha? check. Dill pickle? check. Salt and Pepper? Check! Cashew dreams: answered. #CashewCraze

Resealable Bags

The Nutologists at Emerald are working tirelessly to bring you the tastiest breakthroughs in the realm of nut experience.